Meet Nichole

Candidate for State Representative of the 35th Middlesex in Medford and Malden

Nichole is running because our state legislature has failed to address the urgent challenges that so many in our community are facing everyday. As a mother of three young children, organizer, and community advocate who knows what it’s like to struggle and live paycheck to paycheck, she knows too many families struggle daily merely to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. She has lived through many challenges in her life and not only survived them, but has thrived despite them.

Nichole has served her community by focusing on her non-profit administration and consulting work, and volunteering in various community roles. She brings tested experience to the table to build a better future for all our residents.


Founding Director: Islamic Cultural Center of Medford

Oversaw historical restoration and renovations of the historic "Issac Hall House", the new home of the ICCM, with the Medford Historical Commission.

Chair: Disability Commission

Developed a city-wide accessibility study for disabled individuals and addressed parking and placard accessibility.

Party Activist: Member of the Democratic State Committee

Co-authored a resolution urging our legislators to pass the recently enacted vote-by-mail legislation to protect our democracy during COVID-19.

Bridge Builder: Medford Malden Interfaith Associations

Worked to build bridges of understanding within our diverse community. Organized a yearly “Fastathon” to pay for housing for displaced families and to pay off student lunch debt in public schools

Adviser: Advisory Board Member of Voter Choice MA

Part of a strong movement to improve our elections and successfully place Ranked Choice Voting on the 2020 Ballot with a record number of signatures.

Proven Leader: First Co-Chair of Our Revolution MA

Helped create a firm foundation in the organization’s first year, built an inclusive environment for activists, and supported local chapters in their advocacy.

And So Much More!

Nichole is known as the person to go to in order to get things done, and that’s what she’s going to Beacon Hill to do!

“The Massachusetts House of Representatives has one of the largest Democratic supermajorities in the country and has failed to pass bold, progressive policies to combat climate change, address our affordable housing crisis, ensure health care access for all, and protect the rights of our immigrant communities. A more active, inclusive outreach is needed to find solutions for the challenges our community faces. Only by bringing in more voices will our system of laws address the needs of all equally. Together, we will lead.” - Nichole Mossalam