Paul Fellows

Campaign Manager

Paul Fellows is an experienced community organizer and political consultant with almost a decade of professional-level campaign experience. During this time he has dedicated himself to working for progressive candidates and causes including 14 different political campaigns in over a dozen states and ranging from municipal all the way up to presidential.  His recent notable accomplishments include managing the campaign of Larry Krasner in the 2017 District Attorney Race for Philadelphia and running the field programs for Senator Sanders in both Michigan and Indiana in the 2016 presidential primary.  More locally he managed Senator Paul Feeney’s successful special election in 2017.  Although he works all around the country he is proud to call Massachusetts his home and has a passion for working for strong progressive local candidates.

Sophie Billinge


I’m a recent college graduate who studied environmental science. In college, I researched various environmental tracers to be used to track contamination in groundwater from hydraulic fracturing. I also worked in the Arthur Ross Greenhouse and as a student researcher at the Barnard College Office of Sustainability and Climate Action. I am passionate about addressing climate change and the social inequities that are exacerbated by the climate. I believe in community organizing and hope to learn how to effectively organize grassroots movements to achieve representation for all constituents. I am a dancer (I love taking classes in my free time), I am a podcast-enthusiast and I love exploring new places.

Maria J. Miranda


Maria J. Miranda was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. She is an incoming senior at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Maria is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science with a track in international relations and a concentration in law and society. She discovered her interest in government and public policy after taking an introductory course at Clark, but it was the classroom learning experience that led her to become passionate about the subject. She fondly anticipates gaining further understanding of the political system by joining Mossalam’s campaign.

Jake Mullin


My name is Jake Mullin and I am very excited to be working on Nichole’s campaign for this summer. I’m originally from Long Island, New York, and will be entering my third year at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I have been interested in progressive politics from a young age and upon finding out about Nichole’s campaign to tackle the issues facing Middlesex County and the 35th District, I was immediately driven to support the campaign in any way I can. I am looking forward to engaging with voters in the 35th district and learning more about Massachusetts and state politics and will do everything in my power to assist Nichole and make her progressive voice heard.

Cedulie Benoit-Smith


Cedulie recently graduated from Quabbin Regional High School. She’ll be attending the University of Vermont this fall, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Environmental studies. Cedulie considers herself both the protestor and the politician. She’s attended and organized protests for March for Our Lives, Climate Strike, and BLM. Additionally, she was extremely involved in student government in high school, and now that she’s graduated, is working to make changes in her rural white town. Progressive campaigns such as Mossalam’s are very important to Cedulie, and she’s hoping to use this learning experience to aid her in making meaningful changes in the world.

Cameron Deutsch


My name is Cameron Deutsch and I am a junior in college. I am originally from Rhode Island but attend school at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. I am currently studying American politics and law. I planned to intern in D.C. this summer but that fell through because of the pandemic. However, I am still very motivated to help progressive state and local candidates like Nichole win in the fall.

Shayan Raza


Shayan Raza hails from Needham, MA, and is a rising sophomore in the Commonwealth Honors College at UMass Amherst, where he majors in both economics and legal studies. As a former board member of Kids4Peace Boston, Shayan is excited to bring his experiences with grassroots-level advocacy to Nichole’s campaign this summer. He is particularly passionate about the intersections between the law and social justice and hopes to deepen his understanding of policies that shape society. In his free time, Shayan is a gargantuan New England Patriots fan and avidly competes for the University of Massachusetts Debate Society.