What’s at Stake

Nichole is challenging the incumbent Paul Donato because Medford and Malden deserve elected leaders who represent our values and our concerns. Here are just some of the clear differences between them:

Paul Donato has consistently failed to protect the right of complete reproductive healthcare for women. Nichole supports a woman’s right to choose and access to reproductive health services.

  • He has consistently held a Pro-life rating from Mass Citizens for Life
  • In 2013, he co-sponsored legislation to create unnecessary delays in accessing reproductive health care. (Bill H. 1565).
  • In 2005, he voted against providing timely access to emergency contraception. (S. 2073 Roll Call 84)
  • In 2005, he voted against life saving stem cell research. (S. 2039, Roll Call 69)

Paul Donato was one of the only area legislators to consistently oppose marriage equality and voted against the rights and protections of members of the LGBTQ+ community on numerous occasions. Nichole supports full equal rights and protections for all.

    • In 2016, he voted against prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity. (S. 735 Roll Call 276)
    • In 2012, he voted against adding gender identity to hate crime laws (H. 3810 Roll Call 166)
    • In 2007, he voted to change the state constitution to make same-sex marriage illegal. (Constitutional Convention House Vote 103)
  • Paul Donato has voted for huge corporate tax cuts and opposed efforts to shift budget priorities toward programs that support working families, children, and lower income residents, and at a time when priorities from education, to transportation, to healthcare are underfunded. Nichole will work to ensure corporations pay their fair share, and our priorities are funded.

    • In 2019, he not only voted against eliminating a $37 million tax cut specifically designed to help the wealthiest companies and which was defeated by the State Senate holding firm against it.  (Bill H. 4127 Amendment 60)
    • In 2005, he voted against closing $85 Million in tax loopholes, one of which allowed corporations to shift capital out of the Commonwealth to avoid state taxes (Bill H. 4163, doc. 4167 Roll Call 74)
    • In 2003, he voted against establishing a special commission on corporate tax disclosure that would foster greater corporate accountability (Bill H.4000 Section 470 Roll Call 71).
    • In 2003, he voted to extend the limit on corporate tax credits from 14 years to 19 years (Bill H.4000 Section 165 Roll Call 71).
  • It’s time that we have a representative who respects the dignity of everyone in our district, works to protect the rights of everyone in our district, and supports all of our neighbors who need a state government that works for them. I am that person and I am asking for your vote in the upcoming primary on Sept. 1st.

    Our Values. Our Shared Concerns.

    Vote Nichole Mossalam